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Saddle Up! & Shape Up! 2023
This is our Road to the Road Apple Roubaix.

We all know how difficult it is trying to stay active in the cold of winter! To help keep your fitness going that you worked all Summer for we’ve come up with a fun and rewarding training group. It’s simple and best of all it’s FREE! End of season raffle for all who participate all three months.

Step One-
Join us on social media. Facebook Instagram your pick.

Step Two-
Join the Eddy's Bike Shop Strava Group

Step Three-
Ride your bike! Indoor or outside just ride.

Step Four-
Hit the milestones, stop into any one of our four locations and collect your prize!

Milestones and Prizes!

January 1-31: ride 150 miles receive a sweet Eddy’s water bottle

February 1-28: ride 150 miles receive an Eddys Brew Crew pint glass

March 1-31: ride 150 miles receive Eddys T-shirt

Complete all three goals you’re entered into the final raffle!

1st Place: Tacx Flow Smart Trainer
2nd Place: A free entry into the Eddy's Sponsored Road Apple Roubaix
3rd Place: $25 Eddys Gift Card

Hit a 1000 miles from January 1st 2023 to March 31 2023 and get a $100 Eddys Gift Card.

Happy Training and have fun!

Thank you for 80+ years of cycling love!