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Ohio's Largest In-Stock Electric Bike Inventory!


REEB exist to spread the love of the bicycle and remind us all why we all fell in love with them in the first place. REEB was founded in 2011 by some folks at Oskar Blues Brewery who eat, breathe, sweat, and bleed bikes. When the boss man’s old bike was stolen, the do-it-yourself mentality that pervades OB took over, and a bike company was born.

REEB live to defy the industry and show that doing things the right way is better for everyone. They frames are made by people you can talk to and share a beer with, in a place you can visit and see your new bike being bown. REEB steel is American-made. Their small parts are American-made. REEB does everything in house, from cutting the raw tubesets and welding up the basic frame to powder coating and frame prep.

They have a full line of framesets available, and we can help you make it complete in several ways. Transfer your current parts, build something all-new, or a combo of the two.  No matter what, you'll dig the final product.