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Sleek, speedy, and ultra-premium. It makes long commutes fun and is an awesome choice for comfort on the go.


This anywhere, anytime fitness bike is fast, agile, and fun whether you’re crushing a morning workout or cruising to the market.


From path to pavement and dirt to doubletrack, this bike delivers a versatile, stable experience wherever you roam.


Whether you're looking to commute by bike, enjoy a fun family ride around the neighborhood, pedal to get some exercise, or just want to enjoy the fun and freedom of being on two wheels, there’s an electric bike for you.

Go fast, go slow, go anywhere. Ride to the top of that hill. Ride a hundred miles. Ride to Grandma’s. Ride to the store. Ride to work. Don’t take the car. Ride to the beach, the bar, or the barn.

Riding a bike can be five times more efficient than walking: you’ll go farther, faster. So if you can ride, why walk? In fact, riding a bike can take you distances and places normally reached by car. Somewhere to be? Grab your hybrid and make the journey part of the fun. You can stop mid-way for a coffee and a scone, crank it up and sweat a little, or find a gear that lets you cruise. A hybrid, or fitness bike, in its standard form, has the handlebars and control levers of a mountain bike, with the frame, gears, wheels, and brakes of a road bike; hybrids effectively mix sport with utility, giving you the ability to ride where you please.

Hybrids offer tremendous versatility, and it’s easy to improve upon that by outfitting your bike with curated accessories that let you do more on two wheels. So bring your stuff along for the ride. Front and rear racks, baskets, and panniers can hold anything from farmers market produce to your adorable Yorkie, or a change of clothes and lunch for bike-to-work day. A set of fenders will keep your clothes clean in case you get caught in an afternoon shower. Want more data? Cycling computers are useful for tracking your mileage, speed, and ride time. If you get serious, some cyclocomputers include GPS and heart rate monitors to enhance your training.

Comfort Hybrids

Fitness / Commuter Hybrids

Gravel / Adventure Hybrids

E-Bike "Pedal Assist" Hybrids

Serfas E-Bikes eDASH Mini 500W Step Through
$1,399.99 $2,199.99 36% Savings
Trek Allant+ 9.9S
$5,000.00 - $6,349.99 $6,299.99 - $6,349.99 Up To 21% Savings
Gazelle Bikes Arroyo C8 HMB Elite
$2,999.99 $3,699.00 19% Savings
Trek Allant+ 8S
$3,449.99 $3,999.99 - $4,449.99 22% Savings
Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0
$3,249.99 $4,000.00 19% Savings