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Maintenance Classes

Eddy’s Bike Shop wants to help you keep your ride ready to roll at all times by providing educational maintenance classes. We hold classes at various locations, so double check before you sign up to make sure you select the location that works best for you. 

Roadside Repair - $19.99

This 1.5 hours long class focuses on what it takes to recover from a mishap or breakdown while out on the road or trail. By far our most attended and popular class! 

The course covers the fundamentals that you need to keep your tuned bike functional through your rides, as well as the #1 problem: flat tires. We will discuss proper drivetrain lubrication, pre-ride bike inspection, and simple adjustments. 

We will demonstrate these techniques on our equipment. You will be given the opportunity to change a tire if you feel adventurous!


Tune Up Class - $59.99

These classes come in two variations based on the location chosen. Our Stow store teaches this class as two weekday evening sessions, and our Cleveland stores teach it as one longer Saturday session. 

More in depth, this class will cover adjusting brakes, gears, and minor wheel truing on YOUR bicycle. Common problems and remedies will be discussed. Component wear and new part compatibility will also be covered. 

Your clean bicycle will be used during this class if you wish. If not, we can set you up with a bike suitable for wrenching on. Please wear clothing you feel comfortable ruining!