Our FIT philosophy is simple.  Cyclists who are positioned properly will perform better. 

Better performance comes from being comfortable, feeling safe, and maximizing the energy you produce while on your bike.  Since everyone deserves a well fitting bike, we offer a complimentary size assessment with all new bike purchases.  But nearly everyone will benefit from advancing to one of our higher fit programs.  We have over a dozen staff members with training from: Trek Fit Services w/ Michael Sylvester, The Serotta International Cycling Institute, and Specialized 2D BG Fit.  Let us help you reach your cycling goals in comfort!

Top Reasons for a Fit Upgrade:

Preparing to Ride Longer Distances

New to Cycling

Soreness in your Back or Neck

Knee Pain

Numbness in Hands, Groin, or Feet

Taking up Bicycle Commuting

Training for the MS 150 or other Charity Events

Doing your First Triathlon

Simply put, time and money spent on your fit will pay big dividends for miles to come.

Eddy's Bike Shop Fitting Services 

Shoe/Cleat Setup $24.99

Proper cleat placement is essential for your clipless pedal function.
We will provide important instruction and tips so that you get the most out of your system.
Time on a trainer is included to acclimate and practice your new combination.
Free with shoe/pedal purchase.


Basic Positioning $99.99

Our Basic Positioning includes:
Saddle Height Adjustment
Saddle Setback & KOP Adjustment
Bar Height & Reach Assessment
Shoe/Cleat Setup
Please allow 1-1.5 hours for this fit.


Comprehensive Fit $199.99

Comprehensive TRI/TT Fit $299.99

The Comprehensive Fit is recommended for all riders looking to improve their comfort & performance.
Rider Interview & Consultation
Flexibility & ROM Assessment
Varus/Valgus Test
Saddle Height Adjustment
Saddle Setback & KOP Adjustment
Bar Height & Reach Assessment
New Bike/Retrofitting Advice
Documentation of Fit and Follow Up
This is a more precise fit that requires that you arrive with cycling shoes, pedals, and shorts.
Please allow 2-3  hours for this fit - Please Call for an Appointment.