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This is a place for cyclists to send us information on rides, share stories, art, or news from the community. We'll be posting all of these and more right here.

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My Old Friend

The paint is drab and worn thin.

It's not shiny nor new.

It has seen better days,

but the old wheels still turn true.

Many years we've been friends.

My old bike and me.

We have traveled endless miles.

Beautiful country to see.

In the early spring dawn,

or late afternoon sun.

Through warm summer rain,

together, we make the run.

When autumn turns to gold,

my friend and I will be there.

We will cherish the gifts fall offers,

and breath the fresh, cool air.

No matter inclement weather,

cold wind or winter snow.

We are determined to continue.

We just have to go!

Who can see around life's corner?

Who knows what lies around the bend?

Until, I depart this world, or unable,

I'll be riding with my best old friend.

- Kenneth J. McCaffrey

Stow Youth Baseball 2018

We proudly sponsor our local youth baseball team, The Dodgers!