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Co-Motion Cycles started simply: They built a few bikes for themselves and their friends, and discovered that they were able to rise to the occasion when challenged by new ideas or problems. Not once have they stopped questioning the way things have always been done. While finding better ways to make their bicycles stand apart, they’ve learned more than they ever imagined, from designing new bicycle tubing to the intricacies of their own CNC machining and maintaining an amazing, talented workforce.

These years have taught them the joy of coming to know the people most important to them: Their customers. "From global tourists to Paralympic gold medalists to the child starting on the back of her parents’ tandem, and everyone who just wants a beautiful bike ride; we thank you all so much. Our business has thrived only because you entrusted us to build you a great bike. We promise to you that we will make your next bike right here in Oregon with love, with pride and the care and attention to detail that you have come to expect, as always."

American Made, Oregon Made, Handmade.