Store your bike and MORE with us over the winter!

When you are ready to hang it up for the season, bring that tired bike into to us for a few months of R&R, and a spa-like treatment from head to toe!  Our storage program includes a full service while your bicycle is here - so come Spring when you pick it up - your steed is dialed and ready to ride.

Annual Peak Performance Package PLUS - included with storage ($140 value!)

For frequent rides and bikes operated in extreme conditions.  Includes complete drivetrain clean to ensure snappy shifting and whisper quiet operation. Drivetrain detailing includes: removing, cleaning and reinstalling cassette, chain, crankset, front derailleur and rear derailleur.  Adjust gears, brakes and bearings.  True wheels.  Complete inspection and torquing of anchor bolts.  Inspect tires, seatpost, brakes and chain.  Includes lubrication of chain and derailleurs. This PLUS version includes fresh cables and housing as well.

Storage Program Details:

Bike must be picked up by March 20, 2016.

Parts and any additional labor are not included in price, but will always be discussed with you FIRST.

There are no in-and-out provisions to storage to ensure detailed bikes are not disturbed.

Cost: $199.99 including the PPP+ ... so it's a super value!

Simply bring your bike in to us when you are done for the year, and we'll take it from there!