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Pinarello was started by Giovanni Pinarello on July 10th 1922. Slowly in 1961 Pinarello begins to carve out its own space ahead of the bigger names of its time…small sponsorship, small goals, slowly the plant grows. In 1988, Pinarello begins to change. It is no longer a small workshop. Giovanni leaves his position to Fausto, his son, who introduced magnesium and with magnesium is born the DOGMA, the TOP END BIKE for Pinarello whose name from here on becomes the reference point for absolute HIGH END ROAD BIKE’s in the market. Pinarello produces hand made Italian bicycles.

Pinarello developed two new gravel bicycles, to add new possibilities to its customers. These bikes are intended for a wide use, from smooth and paved streets to the gravel roads. Comfort was therefore the main objective of the project and they used the same technologies of Dogma K8S, the bike developed with Team Sky on the streets of Paris-Roubaix.

Gan GR Disk

Defined geometries allow for great comfort to the rider, especially on bumpy roads and long distances. On the rear, engineers used the "Flexstays" technology, with a flat and wide section to have a high absorption of vibrations in the vertical plane and torsional stiffness.

Considering the terms of use, which may include slippery and muddy roads, the wheel clearance has been widened to fit tires up to 38 mm (or 32 mm tires with mudguards). The disk brakes uses Shimano ThruAxle pins (12 x 100 mm on the front and 12 x 142 mm on the back), to obtain the optimum braking power and traction on any terrain.

Aerodynamics was also considered, since the main triangle uses similar airfoils of Dogma F8.

Gan Disk

GAN Disk derives directly from the Dogma F8 Disk, but with several specific solutions make it a frame less extreme, while maintaining intact the style and feeling of Pinarello bikes.

Braking system has been upgraded to hydraulic disk brakes (Shimano Flat Mount standard), in order to increase the braking power, and with ThruAxle, for stiffness and perfect wheel's alignment.

GAN Disk is a good entry level which maintains the peculiarities of DOGMA F8: asymmetry, even if less prominent, and a new high-strength material, although less rigid and performing.


Dogma F10 has also inherited much from the BOLIDE, currently the fastest bike in the world, the current Hour Record holder with Sir Bradley Wiggins, time trial World Champion with Kiryenka and winner of Tour de France 2016 with Chris Froome.

It retains the super-efficient Flatback™ profiles from the Dogma F8, but inherits a new design of the down tube from the BOLIDE TT which shields the water bottles from the airflow, while further increasing the lateral stiffness.

F10 Disk

Carbon Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology . Asymmetric Frame . Fork ONDA F10 with ForkFlap™ . Think2 System with E-Link™ . ICR™ Internal Cable Routing . Drop in Bearing System 1” 1/8 - 1”1/2 . Italian thread BB . Seatclamp TwinForce . FlatBack Profile . RAD SYSTEM Disk brake . Front Axle 100x12mm Shimano® . Rear Axle 142x12mm Shimano® . Disk Flat Mount max 160mm.